Thursday, 7 May 2015

Modbury Mayfair

It's all happening in Modbury this week!  Its Mayfair again and the theme is Great Inventions.  The wonderful Karen has exceeded herself with an amazing window display, can you guess what our great invention is?

On Saturday we are making an appearance at the Market, we have a stall filled with bargains! 

Pickles is also sponsoring the Great Modbury Bake Off.  Entry forms are in the Mayfair programme and it only costs you £1 per entry.  Try your hand at a lightbulb cake or a cob loaf and for men only - 5 sausage rolls!  12-17 year olds - chocolate celebration cake and under 12's - 6 pinwheel cookies (must be 2 tones).

Have fun!!

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